Help, I’m lost in Macy’s and I can’t get out – Updated

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It was about a year ago that I took my mother shopping for what is now our infamous trip to Macy’s. We had a family vacation planned and she wanted to purchase some new clothing for the trip. (Disclaimer: She used to love to shop; I loathing shopping.) The issue came down to three factors:

  1. We needed to enter the store closest to the women’s department due to her lack of stamina.
  2. She had never wandered away from me in a public place.
  3. All the handicapped parking spaces were taken.

I parked about three rows back, left instructions for my mother to wait directly inside the doors for me, and darted immediately into the store.

Unease crawled over my body and stuck to me like honey bees finding an open jar of molasses.

I learned some important things that day. First, many stores have a security code…

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The Sadness of Fall

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Mediopictum' leaves (...

Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Mediopictum’ leaves (autumn). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American tulip tree , tulip poplar or yellow p...

American tulip tree , tulip poplar or yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bright yellow leaves, caught up by the wind, perform a little dance as they drift toward the earth. They collect beneath the tall sourwood and Tulip Poplar trees, as they join the deep red and orange leaves that fell yesterday. The beautifully colored leaves that landed today hide those beneath that have turned brown.

The short needles of the White Georgia Pines are the color of gold. The trees look almost bare as they drop millions of needles every day for weeks. The forest floor is covered with gold, until it slowly turns light brown. For a moment in time, the landscape is brilliantly painted with orange, gold, red, yellow and purple. The sun shines on the colors, intensifying them, giving the landscape a color that only exists for a week or two every year. And then, it is gone.

We are left with the cold nights and chilly days of autumn – no more color until the snow comes to fill up the branches of the White pines and holly trees, giving the green a contrast.

However sad it is for the trees to stand bare for months, the anticipation of a colorful spring keeps us hanging in there. As long as there are seasons, the earth remains.

The red leaves of autumn are breathtaking.

The red leaves of autumn are breathtaking.

They can’t see what they can’t see

New Form of Color Blindness discovered

New Form of Color Blindness discovered (Photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser))

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys ...

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys may inherit a deletion or mutation of the STS gene from their mothers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up in a home where my dad saw no colors and my mother was limited in the colors she could see. My mother’s dad was also totally colorblind. My three younger brothers all have a form of colorblindness. My sister and I can see colors in the red spectrum. Deb can remember the colors that she sees, I can’t.

I give this background information to make a point about people in the last days who won’t be able to see the truth no matter how long and hard they look because God said he would make it impossible for them to see. People will tell me, “Why can’t they see the truth? It is as plain and simple as it can be.”

Yes, it should be plain and simple. However, when God makes you blind, He doesn’t make you a little blind such that you can see a little bit of truth. Totally blind means totally blind.

When I met my future husband, it didn’t take him long to figure out that I had issues with color. In the beginning, he tried to teach me the colors, as if it were as simple as just learning the names of the crayons. As time went on, I dressed my babies in mostly browns and my husband got over trying to teach me to see colors.

When my children got older, both tried to teach me my colors. Eventually, they gave up, thank the Lord. Those were some frustrating years, I want you to know. They grew up and left home and decorated their own houses. When they visit, they tend to forget I can’t see all colors.

My daughter, son-in-law and I were taking a walk through my flower garden this summer. Suddenly, my daughter exclaimed,” Wow! What is that?”

“What? Where?” I looked in the direction she was looking, but I saw nothing unusual.

“There. That small tree with the greenest leaves I’ve ever seen.” Brandi pointed.

I was looking as hard as I could, trying to see what she was seeing, but I had no clue. “Don’t see it?” Brandi asked again.

“No. Sorry. I’m still colorblind. I still don’t have any color memory.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Brandi walked me to the shrub in question.

No matter how hard they tried, no one in my family could help me see what I couldn’t see. Maybe this is why I have a better understanding about why the lost can’t see that the things happening today that God predicted so long ago. They can’t understand what they read in the bible, nor can they look at what is happening in our world today and say, “Hey, these must be the end-time days God spoke about.”

You just can’t make the blind see by telling them to look. They can look all day long and still not see what is plain as the nose on your face.

Forced to apologize

At the end of my road

At a crossroad, following the right path for you.

In the news recently, several prominent Christians and a few who are relatively unknown Christians, have apologized for identifying with their Christian faith.

A recent headline screamed, “Forced to Apologize!” Christian business owners were asked to apologize for using hate speech. There was no hate involved. The couple refused to photograph a same-sex marriage. They did offer another photographer to do the job, however. It seems this wasn’t good enough for the activists who wanted to make an issue against Christian beliefs.

I have two issues with the entire scenario: 1. Stand your ground. 2. Who wants a forced apology?

Stand Your Ground:

If you make a statement concerning your religious beliefs, never back away from it. This isn’t making a choice between the chocolate or the strawberry ice-cream, this is your religious foundation. If you believe God and God said homosexuality was an abomination, then it is an abomination as far as Christians are concerned.

If you repeat what God said and the listener gets offended, you didn’t offend anyone, God did. Let God handle it. Whatever you do, do it with conviction and kindness. If you stand by God’s word, then stand by his word. Don’t apologize.

Don’t Apologize :

For my life, I can’t imagine anyone who would accept an apology by a person who had to be forced to give it. My mother would stop the frequent arguing between my sister and me, then force us to apologize to one another. Now, you know just how sincere those apologizes were, don’t you?

Why would the homosexual community want a contrived apology? They don’t. They do want the heterosexual to appear as if he has been dressed down. They want the satisfaction of having made the Christian to debase himself. If all of this seems petty to you, then you are welcome to my petty party.

Make no mistake, I believe every person has a right to her religious beliefs and the right to practice that religion. If my religion forbids the condoning of homosexuality, I will not condone it. Not for the sake of my niece, an uncle or a cousin. They know that I love them and would never hurt them. I don’t preach to them and I ask that they don’t preach to me. I also think that lying, cheating, and stealing are sins because God said they were. I can see how these things hurt other people. It appears to be okay with the activists that Christians see lying, cheating and stealing as sin, but not homosexuality. Why?

If businesses have the right to refuse service to any one, they should have the right to practice their religious beliefs. The very fact that the homosexual couple made the photos such a big issue is proof that trouble was all they wanted in the first place. They were given an alternative and they refused it. The story should be over.

Your feelings may be hurt after reading this post. If they are, God has hurt your feelings. God made the laws, I just try to live by them. Why do some people have a preference for their own sex? I don’t know and homosexuals don’t seem to be able or willing to share this information. If I had to guess, I would say the reasons vary by person. Does this mean I don’t like you if you are a homosexual? No, it doesn’t. If I dislike someone, it is because they are selfish, loud & obnoxious, rude, mean to children and the elderly, and totally inconsiderate.

If you get in my face and tell me I have to approve of homosexuality, chances are I won’t like you. I promise not to get in your face and demand that you become a Christian. I won’t apologize for my religious beliefs.

The truth behind the criminal element

English: Resurrection of Christ

English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Micah Exhorts the Israelites to Repen...

English: Micah Exhorts the Israelites to Repent (Micah 7:1-20) Русский: Пророк Михей говорит Израильтянам об их беззакониях (Михей 7:1-20) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Criminal Mind (after Sydney), 1897 F

The Criminal Mind (after Sydney), 1897 F (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romans 1:28, “…God gave them over to a reprobate mind.” God will give every man at least one opportunity to repent and accept Christ as personal Lord and savior. Some, he will give two or three and others, still, he will give a multitude of opportunities. No one knows how many opportunities he may have in his lifetime. One thing is for sure, when God decides that you will not repent, no matter how many opportunities he gives, he will give you over to a reprobate mind.

In case there are a few who can’t recall the definition of reprobate, it means depraved. Indifferent, depraved minds that sit inside human beings are left to do whatever things entertain their Godless lives. With God, man is filthy, unworthy and sinful. Without God, man is left with the base desires of his evil imagination with nothing left inside himself to pull back or reign in his animal lusts.

2Corinthians 13:5, “…Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” Without Christ inside you, you are depraved. When you hear of mothers poisoning their children, fathers burning them alive, dirty old men raping babies, kidnapping young girls to keep as slaves, or any depraved act by man, know this: that person is depraved. He/she has been given over to a reprobate mind.

There is no hope for a reprobate. He will be given no more opportunities to confess, repent, accept Christ and go to an eternal reward. His destination is sealed. When you wonder why people can do the horrible things they do, it is because they are wholly given over to Satan to do with as he chooses.

It is no mystery. God will not beg man to accept the ransom paid on his behalf. Refuse the Grace of God and become the animal man is without the Grace of God.

When people ask you, “How could she have done that to her children? Why did he kill his little babies? What makes a pedophile do the things he does?” Be ready to answer, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind.”

There are probably millions of reprobates in the world with us tonight. We can’t tell them from anyone else until they do something horrendous. Therefore, let us all be on guard. Watch our children. Trust no one with their innocence or their lives. We are responsible for the safety of our children.





What happened to time?

Girl scouts

Girl scouts (Photo credit: Rocky VI)

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts (Photo credit: The Library of Virginia)

Saturday with Friends and Family  028

Saturday with Friends and Family 028 (Photo credit: -DjD-)

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

When I was much younger and raising two children, I never stopped. Literally, I never stopped. I just fell out at the end of the day and got up the next day to do it all over again.

I never trusted other people to teach my children and care for them the way I did. So, I was Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, Girls-in-Action leader, Acteens leader, ball coach and school teacher. I made breakfast every morning, packed lunches, cooked dinner, went to work, ran errands after work, held softball practice, coached games twice a week and once on Saturdays and attended church Sunday morning and night and again on Wednesday nights. I went to Baptist Women meetings once a month on Tuesday nights. At one point in my life, I went to university classes at night while still doing everything else.

I cleaned my own home, washed and ironed clothes, laid everyone’s clothes out for the next day, helped with homework and studied my lessons for church every night. When my son was 12, I home-schooled him until he graduated. I had to write lesson plans, write tests and grade papers. I attended family events, shopped for groceries on Saturdays and supervised my children at play.

Here’s the deal. I had 24 hours in each day and I accomplished all this while supervising a sheltered workshop for mentally retarded adults five days a week. Now that I am older, the kids are grown and gone, I can’t even get the basics accomplished each day. I have the same 24 hours a day, what happened?

I think maybe I need a little more pressure in my life to get it all done in 24 hours. I don’t cook breakfast anymore, or pack lunches, or coach ball games, or teach anyone except on Sunday mornings. Yet, I can’t seem to get all my work done in one day. I always thought when the kids were grown, I would have all kinds of luxurious hours to myself. Not so.

True, I don’t drive to work anymore. I am a freelance writer (who isn’t?). There must be too many distractions and not enough deadlines in my life. I swear, I don’t know how time slips past me the way it does. I don’t have black-outs. I don’t have even half the stuff to do as I use to have. Still, most days, I don’t get all my work finished.

I do have a rather large garden to tend, but I had that when the kids were growing up, as well. In fact. I harvested the vegetables, cleaned them and canned everything. I still do that, but where does my time go?

If you are very busy and always seem to be running to the next task, be thankful. It keeps your day organized and on schedule. Take away the constraints on your time, and you flop around like a fish out of water. Oh, did I mention I have ADD? I have had since I was five years old. You don’t even want to know what that is like. Then again, maybe you do. That might be my next post.

All Meat is Unclean

The pig is considered an unclean animal as foo...

The pig is considered an unclean animal as food in Judaism and Islam and some Christian denominations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Beef, pork, chicken.) Source: (via Public domain declaration: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Meat (Photo credit: Divine Harvester)

The average person doesn’t know that poultry sits in a fecal bath for 30-60 minutes when it comes down the production line. This is caused by workers on the line who are inexperienced and cut open part of the digestive system prior to removing the entire thing. Salmonella coats the entire bird while it is being ‘washed.’

Due to dirty conditions at feed lots, where cattle are taken to fatten up for the kill, the animals remain in a pen too tight to turn around in or even lie down. There they stay for up to six weeks, with their feces stacking up to their bellies. Besides being filthy, these animals are being tortured before they are butchered.

I suggest soaking poultry, red meat and pork in a bath of water, plus one-fourth-cup of vinegar. This will help kill germs and tenderize the meat at the same time. Adding salt to the bath will also help tenderize.

Rinse the meat well, then season and prepare as usual. Vinegar helps pull any remaining blood out of the cut of meat. Blood may be the life of the animal and add flavor, but it also harbors pathogens.

Always assume that meat is dirty with the bacteria for food poisoning. Cut way down on consumption of red meat and try using it just for flavoring a meal instead of making it the main course. An example would be chili with beans. Use about one-half pound of extra-lean chuck or sirloin for the chili.

Consumers must take steps to keep themselves safe. There is no point waiting for legislature to pass a bill making slaughter houses clean up. They donate too much money to the democratic political machine.


Desperate People

God the Father 01

God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

God the Father 21

God the Father 21 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Everywhere you look, there are desperate people. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. Desperate to earn a living, to send their kids to school, to pay the rent or the doctor bills. No jobs in America. You know it is bad when illegals decide to go home.

I hear tales of robbery in broad daylight in communities around the nation. This will get increasingly worse as time goes on. People have tried most everything to earn a paycheck. I know of people who are endorsing products they would never buy for their own families because they know the products are worthless.

I don’t think Americans have any real clue as to what hard times really are. Children today can’t imagine life without all the luxuries they enjoy. They think they have a right to these things. If we look at all things God told us not to do and compare this with what America not only allows, but endorses and encourages, it is no mystery why things are falling apart at the seams.

Sinkholes are appearing everywhere. Do you think fracking has anything to do with these giant holes? Man can only do so much to the earth before there are grave consequences. I don’t believe man has affected the weather to the degree that some are trying to sell us on, but we haven’t done the earth much good, either.

If you look for them on Facebook, twitter, blogs and in the marketplace, you can find desperate people. They try to be discreet, but you can see the beginning of panic in the requests they make or the things they post. It breaks your heart to see it.

No one knows how much pain we must endure in the coming years, but one thing holds steady. God said not to fear. If we believe and faint not, he will bring us safely to the other side. The key is to know that you know, that you know God has the answer to all of your problems. There is no room for doubt.

Imagine how God feels when you wring your hands in fear and doubt about how to pay the bills when he has told you he would provide for all your needs?  You might as well say to God, “I know you have the power God, but I still don’t believe you will do what you say you will do.” It isn’t about deserving something. You feed your children whether they have obeyed you or not. You provide them with warmth, comfort, love and security. God wants to do this for all of us. There is only one requirement, we have to believe. We have to go to the bank to deposit the check that we don’t have in our hands yet, but knowing God will provide it.

Some desperate people you just can’t help. They refuse to believe. For those who do, remind them of the love of God. Take that look of desperation off the faces of those you care about. Let them know there is a way to survive the chaos.








If it ain’t broke, break it


Hospital (Photo credit: Ralf Heß)

Cluster headache

Cluster headache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:...

Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:Thyroid). To discuss image, please see Talk:Human body diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever gone to a doctor for a specific reason and left with appointments at the hospital for tests and visits with other specialists? If you have, then you know what I’ve just gone through. Only, it isn’t over yet.

I knew my thyroid had stopped working because I had all the common symptoms. So, I made an appointment with my doctor – a person I love dearly – and told her all about my symptoms. She agreed that it was likely my thyroid, but wanted me to have tests at the local hospital and to see a cardiologist.

I hate, hate, hate going to the hospital. I have never been inside one that I did not pick up a germ and get sick. Anyway, I was a good patient and had a brain scan, after all, someone who has headaches needs a brain scan to be sure there is no tumor lurking around. I had my chest x-rayed just because, I guess. Then, I had nuclear dye shot through my veins to have my gall bladder checked. This took about 90 minutes.

After I had my gall bladder checked, I went home. There is when I got truly sick. I pooped that dye for a continuous 38 hours, non-stop. No sleep and a headache so bad that I feared my head would explode. Wait a minute, didn’t I tell the doctor that I was having severe headaches?  What is up with this? I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse.

Back to the doctor for immediate relief from the diarrhea and headache. More medicine to take and a suggestion that I check in to the hospital. No way! I’m not going back by the way that I came. I may be slow, but I ain’t stupid. No, I said. That is where the germs are.

Blood test came back and sure enough, my thyroid had stopped working. Another pill I have to take for life. Why didn’t we just wait for the blood test to come back, which explained all my symptoms in the first place? Why all the tests and other doctors (who will surely put me through hell). There is a stress test coming up and another one I can’t even spell.

I just needed one little pill, why are they trying to kill me? By the time they all finish, I will need a week in bed to get over being cured. Really, I was so sick, I couldn’t drive myself to the doctor today. Turns out, I had a reaction to the dye and a severe sinus infection.

If it ain’t broke, they will break it so they have something to fix. I remember old timers who said they never went to see a doctor because sick people went there to spread their germs. They lived to be 100. I won’t make it to my next birthday.

They have my hair falling out, headaches so bad I can’t see, put poison into my veins, x-rayed my brain and gall bladder, caused severe diarrhea, and I am so weak from lack of food. All I wanted was my thyroid checked. If we had just waited a day or two, I wouldn’t have had to go through this misery.

I pray for the day we can tell doctors what is wrong with our bodies and tell them what medicine we need. Wouldn’t that be much easier? Help me pray, friends, before they kill me. I think this is Obamacare‘s way of weeding out the weak and feeble. Kill us all off and save money.

If you have to see a doctor, let me know. I will pray for you. You are going to need them.