Obama really was born in Hawaii ?

With so much evidence that Obama is an infiltrator in our country, it is laughable to continue in this farce.

Reclaim Our Republic

British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya
August 2, 2013

Obama claim to Hawaii birth place eerily verified by Google maps in Kenya?… right outside the GATES OF HELL! Strange but TRUE!

Hawaii, Kenya, that is.

A reader sent the blog PPSIMMONS this map of East Africa, which shows a place called Hawaii in Kenya:


Little did WE know that our sleuths at the fb page would begin digging a little deeper and discovered that such a place really does exist!

Below is a screen shot of a Google map search for Hawaii Kenya. The result turned up a place called Hawaii Dormitory.


The red dot on the bottom right is Hawaii (Dormitory) Kenya. You can see for yourself by going to this link.

Notice also, the close proximity to a place called “Hell’s Gate National Park.’

Are we saying we have…

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