A Bouquet of Awards


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To win any award is a high honor for me. To win a bouquet of awards is beyond measure. I am very grateful to Chant D’Oasien for this bouquet of awards. He is one of my newest friends and has a blog that is totally different and very interesting. I am also learning a little French each time I visit him. Please, check out his blog. He has a beautiful motto concerning life.

The rules are: 1-Visit and thank the one who gave you the / distinctions. 2-Appoint 10 bloggers. 3-Copy and paste on your blog awards 4.-Answer questions.

QUESTIONS: 1-What is the meaning of life for you? My life means that God foresaw me and found value in me and created me to fulfill my purpose on earth. I am here to uplift, encourage, pray for and love my fellow man. Yes, I know, I fail miserably at times. Still, that is my purpose, so I try again tomorrow.

2What is happiness? Happiness is fleeting. It can be a day with my family enjoying something new or gathered around a campfire talking about sweet memories. Joy, however, is an everyday emotion.

3 Why did you create this blog? I wanted to connect with people around the world.

4 – What is the most important in your life: Love or fame? Love is the most important thing to me.

5-What is the thing you like about blogging? Writing allows me to express myself and learn so much about others and how we are so much alike, no matter how different we are.

6-What is the best decision you made? I have made many decisions that have affected my life. I would say the best one was the one that led to my two beautiful children.

7-Do you think unconditional love really exist in a relationship? Love, by meaning, is unconditional. If a person places conditions on his or her love, it isn’t love.

8-Do you believe in Karma? If yes then what is the good and the bad karma to you? Karma is about the same as good or bad luck. Whatever happens to a person in life are the consequences of his own actions. We make our own karma or luck by the life we live.

9-Do you believe in rebirth or life after death? If yes, then why? I am a child of Jehovah God. When I die, I will rest until Jesus comes in the sky and calls me forth to live again in my glorified body with him and all those who have believed in him.

10 – What is the best time of your life? I believe now is the best time of my life. I am free to do what I please.

My choices for the bouquet of awards are:












11 thoughts on “A Bouquet of Awards

  1. Too many awards will certainly not hurt dear sister 🙂 You are certainly one of those that has made my blog what it is. Please accept this little gift of…..SEVEN AWARDS !!! God bless you. Check it out @ justmikemon.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/yet-another-bouquet-of-awards-seven-awards/….Congratulations

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