God’s Green Earth: Nothing can grow unless it is first buried.

Butterfly feeding from butterfly bush

Butterfly feeding from butterfly bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing can grow unless it is first buried. Stop and think about this for a second.

I feel so close to God when I am gardening. Life began in a garden and God so loved to talk with his created there. I love the scripture in Genesis where God walked with man in the cool of the day. Can you imagine?

Actually, we can have this same experience. God and I talk as I plant, weed, harvest and just appreciate the beauty of my roses, gardenia bushes, hydrangea and multitude of other flowers. I tell Him how fascinated I still am at the miracle of a tree inside a tiny seed.

Nothing can grow unless it is first buried. The beans can’t grow until you dig the earth and bury the seed. Sometimes, God uses the birds to drop the seed. Other times, He uses the animals who eat the berries and nuts, then redeposit them through their dung. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, I know, but wonderful fruits grow from the waste of animals.

It may take decades, but a 100-year-old Live oak began as a buried acorn. The cycle repeats itself over and over, all over the world. What about you? Are you growing?

What do you need to bury in order that you might grow? Are you still angry because you won’t let go of the injustice of a husband who cheated on you? Are you still hurt that your parents beat you as a child? Does anger still well up inside you every time you are reminded that your sister was the favorite and inherited all of mom and dad’s wealth? What are you still angry about?

Whatever your hurt or the injustice of your situation, you will not grow until you bury the feelings that are strangling you. Do not misunderstand. I don’t mean that you should bury those feelings inside yourself.  Never do that. Take those emotions out and have a good look at them. Have they ever made you feel good about yourself? Have you been able to move on in life despite these emotions? How do you bury them?

Accept that the past happened. You were helpless at the time. We live in a cursed world that will never be perfect, just or honorable. You can’t undo the mistakes you made or change the way you grew up. What you can do is decide what kind of person you want to be, where you want to go in life and how you want to treat others. When you look at the past hurts, examine them well.

Go ahead and think about what happened, how you felt and what resulted. If you need to, go to the person who hurt you and let them know how much you were hurt by their actions. Forgive them. No, forgiveness does not mean it was ok for them to do what they did. It means you are taking away  their power to hurt you further. If it were a game of checkers, you would call it a draw.

With all the pain and ugliness before you, go outside and dig a hole. How deeply you dig depends upon how much hurt you need to bury. When the hole is ready, pick up a handful of soil and say, “God, I am burying my anger today so I can grow. Throw the soil into the hole. Pick up another handful and say, “God, today I am burying the fear and control that the person(s) has had on my life.” Throw the soil into the hole.

When the hole is half-full with soil, plant a shrub, bush or tree and finish burying your pain, stress, shyness, etc. If you would rather plant a seed, wait until all the soil has been returned to the hole and place the seed inside your thumb print in the soil and cover it. Water those dead emotions until something beautiful begins to grow.

You can’t drag the pain of the past forward in life and expect to grow. Visit your tree or plant and note how well it grows. That buried seed or roots of a plant represents you. You are now free to move forward and grow in your relationships.

Remember, holding on to the anger, bitterness, stress, anguish and/or fear will not allow you to become who you can be. It was wrong what they did to you. They should have to pay, you say. They are paying, whether they are aware of it or not. If they don’t pay today, they will pay tomorrow. God promised that the unjust will not go unpunished.

Now, walk in your garden in the cool of the day and have a talk with your creator. Let Him put His arm around you as the two of you admire how much you have grown.

If you don’t believe in the creator God, I pray you do believe in something. I can’t imagine not having someone to talk to about all that I am feeling. I suppose you can still bury your pain and grow, no matter what you believe in. Let go and live. It is what you do with your life that God will hold you responsible for, not what someone did in your past.

Happy gardening everyone. I love you. I hope to meet each of you in God’s new garden of Eden one day.







8 thoughts on “God’s Green Earth: Nothing can grow unless it is first buried.

  1. Dieu se manifeste dans toutes ses créatures de la plus infiniment petite soit-elle que dans ses géantes. Il suffit à l’homme d’y réfléchir et d’y penser.

    • How awesome our God is. He is able to create a seed from which a giant Redwood tree grows and others that manifest as the tiniest orchids in the forest.


    • I always welcome your visits Diane. I pray you are having a great summer. I am growing lots of good veggies in the garden this year. I can’t wait until harvest!


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