Little Common Sense

Largest Bankruptcies

Largest Bankruptcies (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

English: the log of the political part the com...

English: the log of the political part the common sense party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is little-to-no common sense in the world, by and large, anymore.  The US government makes and passes laws that people can’t comply with because industry is told they must use a particular additive in all gasoline or pay a heavy fine. Because the additive does not exist and no one knows how to create it, the industry must pay the fines and go bankrupt. Who passes a law knowing it is physically impossible to obey? Who wants particular companies or industries to go bankrupt and need a government bailout? Makes you wonder, right?

Washington has no sense at all. We have a man acting as President when we have proof that he is not a citizen of America. What are our Congress and Senators doing about it? Nothing. Obamacare can’t be implemented because it costs too much. Obama doesn’t care. He just wants to destroy what is working and turn it into a situation where millions will die.

There is no common sense in the world. People are stealing, knowing they will be caught eventually. Greed has taken hold like a Pin worm in the intestines. Greed is blinding men and women to the truth, which is, all sin must be punished. Men are cheating on their wives and children, caring not that the affair can destroy the family and deeply hurt the children.

No one appears to care about the greater good of the earth. There are industries polluting the water, food supply and the land. No one is responsible, it seems. Corruption in the school systems, corruption in police departments, lies and hidden truths in every relationship.

Now, there are teachers and principals cheating on mandatory tests so they can earn bonuses for their schools and themselves. The children were left to sink or swim on their own. Hundreds of children from that school system can’t read and write because greed got in the way of their education.

People have becomes so entangled with the things of this world and greed is eating them like a cancer. They can’t see how they are destroying themselves and the planet we live on. Americans appear to be asleep, little realizing what Obama is doing to the freedoms we once had.

No one thinks about how his or her actions affect the future. There is nothing done that does not have a consequence. God doesn’t even have to punish us, we are doing a good job of it ourselves.

Where is the common sense? My mother would tell me as I was growing up, “You have to have common sense. Nothing you will learn from a book will help you in life if you don’t know how to use the knowledge.” News articles point out the fact that no one in charge has or is using common sense. This is scarier than a basket of snakes. Or, am I talking about the same thing?

Watch, listen and always read the label. You will find that common sense has disappeared. Lord help us all.


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