Another Award: Very Sweet Blogger Award

English: deflour rhum chocolate cake and vanil...

English: deflour rhum chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

German chocolate cake from a bakery

German chocolate cake from a bakery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Choc Rose Cake

English: Choc Rose Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have received an award from My Daily Minefield Blog. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, you have no idea what you are missing. There are so many interesting articles about the great planet we live on. I am inspired every time I stop by. This blog will not disappoint visitors.

I try to be sweet, and kind, and kind of off the wall now and then. I don’t want to give anyone tooth decay by being too sweet, so I speak my mind now and then whenever something bothers me or when I see stupidity or injustice in the world. Other than that, I am usually meek and mild.

Here are the rules:

You must thank the person who gave you the award. Please mention them on your blog and provide a link so others can find out how awesome they are. You must answer a few sweet questions, then send the award on to other sweet, deserving bloggers.

My Questions and Answers:

Super Sweet Questions to Answer:

1.  Cookies or Cake?   Both. Who can choose just one?

2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?   If I am forced at gunpoint, chocolate. I love that warm, smooth, velvety stuff melting inside my mouth.

3.  What is your favorite sweet treat?  Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

4.  When do you crave sweet things most?  At night, when I write. (This was Daily Minefield’s answer, but it holds true for me also.)

5.  If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Sweetness. For real, a special person calls me that. I swear.

Other sweet bloggers I know:

One Point Safety

Arlen Shah

Ardent P.T.

Chris Martin

Short Little Rebel


85 Degrees

The Critical Eye


9 thoughts on “Another Award: Very Sweet Blogger Award

  1. Pingback: SUPER SWEET AWARD: Sugar and spice…and brains so nice | halfeatenmind

  2. Congrats, Barbara. Too irresistible are those cakes–got me salivating already. Yeah, Jodi (my daily minefield) is exceptionally creative with her posts. I enjoy reading her posts as I do yours.

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