Spring: New Life

Flame azalea

Flame azalea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the first signs of spring - Bradford Pe...

One of the first signs of spring – Bradford Pear (Pyrus calleryana) trees turn white with thousands of these blossoms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flame Azalea, Rhododendron calendulaceum offse...

Flame Azalea, Rhododendron calendulaceum offset color reproduction of painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To me, there is no place more beautiful than the North Georgia Mountains in the spring. Everything here blooms in brilliant color. I never knew there were so many natural, wild plants with so much color and character. I know, it isn’t quite spring yet, but I can feel it in the air.

When we moved to our place here in the mountains, no one had ever lived on this land except the animals. We had to build a road, a driveway, a septic tank and a well. There was nothing here except nature. We’ve tried to leave as much natural as we possibly could. One reason was the rare orchids growing here. I was as excited as a three-year-old finding Easter eggs my first spring on the mountain.

Lady Slipper, Rattlesnake Plantain, Trillium, Wild Ginger, Little Brown Jugs, Crested Dwarf iris, Goat’s Beard and Mountain Mint are just a few of the many wild flowers growing all around me. In spring, everything comes to life. The cherry trees bloom, the Flame azalea blazes across the creek in bright orange flowers. When the Bradford pear trees bloom out, they form huge balls of white flowers. Did I mention how fragrant it was in the spring?

Spring means new life. Every flower is a gift from God. If you have ever wondered if God loves you, he loves you so much that He brings you flowers every day in spring. God has given us all the things that He loves. God loves the music of the water as it flows across the rocks. He loves to listen to the birds sing as they build nests in which they will bring forth new life. If you love it, God loved it first and decided to share with us.

I am currently re-potting many of my flowers that have outgrown their small pots. This isn’t labor, it is a joy to me. I push back the leaves under the grape arbor and scoop up the worm castings to feed my plants. The worms eat the soil and rot of the forest floor and give it back as amended soil, rich with all the nutrients a plant could need. Try to tell me that God did not design all things to work together to provide all we would ever need. I won’t believe you because I know whom I believeth and am convinced that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.

I am sharing a few of my favorite spring flowers. I pray your spring brings new life. Photo0436 Photo0437


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