An Award from Uzoma


I received this award some time back. I feel remiss in just now getting around to posting it. Blame it on life, taxes and housework. None-the-less, I am honored to receive this award from such an accomplished writer. Visit this blog if you wish to be entertained and blown away, 85 Degrees.

Seven things about myself:

I love the smell of rich earth as I turn the soil when planting.

I have two children who are the best people to be with for a day of laughter and fun.

My home is inside a national forest.

I love to make chocolate milk by pouring half chocolate and half white milk together.

I love rainy nights.

My thoughts never cease until I am dead asleep.

I love all animals.

I am a cat person.

My nominees:

Mustard Seed Budget
Dear Kitty                                                                                                                                        Short Little Rebel 

Anita Miller

A Devoted Life

Vicky Nanjappa



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