Asteroid predicted to strike New Jersey

Timelapse of Asteroid 2004 FH's flyby (NASA/JP...

Timelapse of Asteroid 2004 FH’s flyby (NASA/JPL Public Domain) 2004 FH is the centre dot being followed by the sequence; the object that flashes by near the end is an artificial satellite. Images obtained by Stefano Sposetti, Switzerland on March 18, 2004. Animation made Raoul Behrend, Geneva Observatory, Switzerland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asteroid predicted to pass by Earth: Nasa says there is no danger that the asteroid will hit earth on February 15. In an article found in The Guardian, “Although they wouldn’t cause a global catastrophe if they impact the Earth, they still do a lot of regional destruction,” said Lindley Johnson, who oversees the Near-Earth Object Observations Programme at Nasa headquarters in Washington DC.

A dear friend of mine told me about 18 months ago that an asteroid would strike the earth near the end of 2012 or the early months of 2013. Jerry said it would hit New Jersey. Jerry happens to live in New Jersey.

Jerry has never predicted anything that hasn’t come true. He spends about eight hours a day in meditation and prayer with Jehovah God. Jerry saw the destruction in a dream he had several days in the same week. He has been preaching and teaching people in New Jersey about the coming destruction. God gave Jerry a mission to fulfill.

Scientists say the asteroid will not come close enough to earth to strike it. Given a choice between scientists and God, I listen to God every time. Scientists have told too many whoppers for me to start believing them now. Have you ever watched some of the documentaries where scientists claim to pinpoint the day something happened 300 million years ago through carbon dating?

Scientists are people who make up stories to receive grants so they can continue to pretend they actually work. Who is going to dispute what they report? Its a great job if you can get it. In fact, they only predict how far from earth they think the asteroid will pass by.

Let’s say that the scientists are spot on about how far away the asteroid really is. What would happen if it struck something else in its path? Could something like that cause the asteroid to turn, ultimately striking New Jersey? I think it could. God created the earth, I think he could do whatever He wanted to do. In fact, God doesn’t even need a plausible reason for the asteroid to strike earth.

For the sake of New Jersey, I hope Jerry is wrong. Still, it gives me chills when I think of the conversation Jerry and I had before the asteroid had been discovered. What are the odds that Jerry would have a vision of an asteroid striking earth about this time and there being an asteroid predicted to come closer to the earth than any other asteroid of this size?


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