No budget, no pay

Georgia’s US Congressman Tom Graves posted on Facebook today the following:
“I voted for the “No Budget, No Pay Act,” which passed the House today and would withhold the salaries of members of Congress if their respective chamber does not pass a budget by April 15, 2013.

I am committed to balancing the budget and forcing the government to operate within its means. We cannot allow Washington to continue dragging down our economy and sidelining jobs that our communities need.

The first step in that process is forcing the Senate to follow the law and pass a budget, which they have failed to do for almost four years. In the House, we will again put forward a bold vision for the country, which will include tax, spending and entitlement reform. Our goal is to balance the budget in ten years.

If the Senate again fails to pass a budget, they will have their pay withheld. No budget, no pay. The American people expect and deserve that kind of accountability.”

Congressman Graves spoke for the American people today. Our government is elected by ‘We the people’ and are expected to help run this country according to the wishes of ‘We the people’. If more members of Congress and the Senate would break the hold that greed has upon them, they could see the destruction they are reeking upon this once mighty nation. To where will they all flee if America comes tumbling down?

Jehovah God told us in His holy word that greed would destroy the earth. We see that evidence all around us in these last days. Even men and women who promised to do the right thing if elected are taking money from lobbyists, allowing their greed to destroy them and all of America. In the end, all the money ever minted or printed since time began will not be enough to sustain them and their families. Let us pray that Congress will hold the Senate to the laws it has passed.


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