What idiots debate violence against women

ID-10075932 Till murder do we part. (Photo by tanatat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.)


The New York Times News Service released information concerning the violence against women in India. Because women in India are now receiving the education that, in times past, was only allowed for men, they have made great strides in the workforce and have become leaders in politics. The fact that women have progressed somewhat from the ancient traditions practiced in India, men have  become more resentful and violent toward them.

In the Chattanooga Times Free Press, January 13, 2013, there is an article titled India debates violence against women. Because this blog is mainly about using common sense, I have to ask, “Who debates violence against women?” Is there any reason to debate this issue? For all the advancements Indian women have made, they are still treated worse than dogs. How does the debate go?

Shithead, do you feel there is too much violence against women today?”

“No, Asho, I feel the level of violence is good where it’s at. Maybe a little more would be good.”

“Are you sure Shithead? We are debating this issue officially and something must be told to the press. What do you suggest we say?”

“Well, Asho, let’s just say that we are aware that two million women and female infants are murdered every year. Let’s promise to decrease this number by two percent over the next ten years.”

“Shithead, that is brilliant! That is the tactic Obama uses and it works for him.”

Come on folks, let’s get real. There is no debate. Just do something.

A story was told, in the article, about a woman whose in-laws were not satisfied with her dowry. Her husband and in-laws raped, strangled and threw her in a ditch. The murderers were charged with the crime, but a year later, the criminals have not been arrested and likely will never be arrested. Why? Because women are not considered to be human, therefore, they have no rights.

The article said such crimes were routine. It was estimated that between 25,000 and 100,000 women were killed every year over dowrys. Can you imagine that happening in the US? Women are so lowly regarded that newborn girls are often left to die or they are murdered by their parents, read ‘father.’ Then again, maybe the mothers kill the female babies to save them from a lifetime of misery.

Rape is only a small part of the crime against women in India. Two million women are murdered annually. That is a lot of women. Men who don’t have jobs blame the women in the labor force. This is reason enough for the men to kill the women. No one gets arrested and life goes on – for the men, that is.

One method of female homicide is to burn them alive. I suppose that is their form of entertainment; cheap and plentiful. There is one thing the men haven’t considered. By killing off all the women, there will eventually be none for the men to resent or abuse. They will have to find brides from other countries. I pray that women from other countries will realize how men in India treat women and will not fall for their sweet words and promise of riches.

Lord help the women in India. Let them rise up in the night and gather together and say, “We are not going to take this anymore.”


10 thoughts on “What idiots debate violence against women

    • I know what you mean, Paulette. It is sort of like hitting the ‘yes’ button when you check out at a grocery or other store and the card-reader asks if the amount is okay. The amount is correct, but is it okay? You want to say, “No. I feel I am getting robbed.” I just pray for the justice I know is coming. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Sent shivers down my spine. This is absolute madness. Burn women alive? As a woman I can’t imagine growing up around men with that kind of view on how life should be. Lord help those women for real. Great post.


  2. I would like to see some men also rise up and stand by their women. I hope there are some men who don’t buy into this sadism. Possibly the strength and bravery of the women will encourage these men (who I hope exist) to step forth and elicit change, in this tragic system. May the deaths of “Braveheart” and all the other women of India, not been in vain.

  3. Wow, how serendipitous this post is!! I kid you not…literally right before coming here, I was just reviewing a note I left to myself last year for a future blog post regarding a point made on a radio show I was listening to, on how social media is ruining face to face human relations. I want to address how social media has helped. To make a long story short, in my note I mentioned dowries, girls treated as objects etc.

    Women across the globe must wake up, come together and rise up!

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