Questions about rape

Experts have always insisted that rape was about control, not sexual desire. I don’t believe this. If a man wants control over a woman, there are many ways to accomplish this without committing the act of rape.

The need to feel powerful may be rolled up inside sexual desire, but you better believe that sexual desire is there. I have always thought that any man who rapes a woman does so because he gets off by a woman’s fear.

There are so many twisted minds in society due to the twisted ways in which they were treated by parents and other relatives. A person’s sexual arousal is formed early in life. If a child is sexually molested, he or she will have had these experiences imprinted on his brain. Good or bad, it is there for life, unless he or she gets counseling.

I have often wondered how a man feels once his crime of rape has been revealed to the public. Does he feel shame? Is he embarrassed at all? Does he know that women think he is the most pitiful excuse for a human being? Rape is not needed to control or show power over a female. Rape is committed by men who want something that has been denied them, by men who became aroused while committing another crime or by men who want to humiliate a woman. The last reason is usually caused by the rapist’s mother by the manner in which she raised her son.

Rape begins and ends with parents. Mothers and fathers who respect one another, who teach their children to respect the opposite sex, and who mirror a loving behavior before their children will not raise a rapist. They must also be present, enough so that no one has the opportunity to sexually abuse their children.

Parents control whether adult-rated movies are shown in the presence of their children. They control adult-rated games their children play. Parents have the responsibility to sit and talk with their children, letting them know that all questions about life will be answered seriously.

The great sadness is this: Many parents, poor and wealthy, educated and uneducated, will not take the required time to raise children who grow to be contributing members of society. Some will say to me, “Not all people have the time. They must work too jobs, etc.” I say that children should not be an afterthought. There are ways to accomplish any task. The fact is parents must sacrifice some of their relaxation time and teach their children right from wrong.

Whenever I read in the paper or see on television that a young lady or a child has gone missing, I cry for them. I know that chances are they will be found raped and dead. What parent wants to be known as the mother of a rapist? 

Women who allow their husbands to beat and berate them in front of their children are not only victims, they are also part of the problem. It would be better to take the children and live in a shelter than to allow the children to believe that this is the way that men treat women.

Before you start, I know there are weird circumstances in life and some people who don’t fit neatly in the peg-hole. I am speaking in general and as a whole. For those who do not believe, read the life stories of well-known rapists. See if a pattern does not exist. Who we become depends on who raised us and how they did it

Just don’t try to feed us the bull about rape being a method of control or power over a female. That is done frequently and without a penis, I might add.


7 thoughts on “Questions about rape

  1. With this subject being so close to home, I have to disagree with you. If rape is mostly about men wanting so called sexual release that is denied to them, there are plenty of non forceful opportunities to get that release. Either by paying for it from willing prostitutes/escort services, in many cases from people that are willing to give it up without any payment at all or their own hand.

    Anything taken by force whether by physical or psychological means is bottom line about control.

    • I would have to say that rape was more about humiliating a women and showing her that men “always have what it takes to keep her in her place.” There are many means of control. Men are usually stronger than women. Some men use psychology to make women believe they are nothing without them. With all the means of control a man has, why use his penis? He uses it to humiliate and to relieve his sexual desire. Some men (rapists) get sexually aroused by being in control – beating, threatening with a knife or gun, etc. My point was this: Men could use any of the tools available to them to control a female. In fact, they use their fists, guns, knives and other weapons to hold the females in place while they rape them. If it was only about control, why use their penises? The penis becomes aroused when mentally sick men are feeling their power. The option to use the penis is up to the rapist. What makes him rape? Sexual desire.

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