This word called hate

As a child, I would often get angry with my older sister and say that I hated her. A wise woman explained to me that Hate was a powerful word. She would quote from the bible, 1John 3:15, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer:  ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” She would then ask if I wanted my sister dead. Of course I didn’t. I just wanted her to leave me the heck alone.

It isn’t any surprise that we hear all manner of people today talking about hate. We even commit another of my great-grandmother’s sins. We attribute an emotional feeling toward inanimate objects and things. We say that we hate a particular food or that we hate doing the laundry. As Ruth would say, “How can you hate broccoli when the broccoli has done nothing to you?” It took me awhile, but I finally understood that I just didn’t like the taste of broccoli.

We say that we hate democrats or republicans, white people or Asian people or the next door neighbors. The truth is, we may not understand their ways or like their politics, but we don’t wish them dead. At least I don’t.

When we become angry with a spouse or a co-worker, we may say that we hate them. This isn’t a true statement. We don’t wish them dead, we would just love to vote them off our island for a while, or maybe forever. My point is this, because the word ‘hate’ is such a powerful word, why waste it on something you just dislike, disapprove of, like less than or on something you have grown tired of, as in tv commercials.

We teach our children to hate when we don’t even hate to begin with. If you disapprove of the lifestyle of your great Uncle Joe, don’t say in front of your children that you hate Uncle Joe. You may disapprove of him, but you don’t wish him dead. Don’t teach your children to hate.

No one on earth wants to hear, “I hate you.” Hate is so powerful. It causes riots, it causes the borderline insane to do crazy things such as to murder innocent children. Hate stirs up the people to go and lynch a person, usually based on false information. Don’t hate. Every time you catch yourself saying, “I hate…,” stop and say, “I didn’t mean that, what I meant to say was, “I dislike…”

We aren’t ever going to totally agree with any other person that walks this earth. The most we can hope for is to get along. Sometimes, that means leaving someone alone. Stop aggravating them. If you always disagree, why are you constantly in their business? You stay on your side and I will stay on mine.

If you find that you truly do hate someone, get help. You need to talk to a counselor. Christ told us no one ever purposefully killed another person without just cause unless he first hated the person. Emotions fuel the engines that run our bodies. You first hate, then hate leads to murder.

There are many organizations, individuals, agencies and philosophies I disagree with, but I don’t wish anyone dead. I firmly believe they should have to live long enough to suffer every misery God has planned for them. Life is the ultimate revenge.


10 thoughts on “This word called hate

  1. I like this! (I certainly don’t hate it– ;=)
    But, really, it’s basic truth when you consider it, and your great-grandmother was right! Why hate broccoli when it didn’t do anything to hurt you? So logical!

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