Winter in the mountains

The mountains are beautiful every day and in every season. Even the winter holds attractions for people who love the outdoors. My pansies are still blooming, even after being covered with snow and temperatures as low as 21 degrees Fahrenheit. These dainty flowers fascinate me. They actually have a form of antifreeze in them. There are other plants and flowers in the mountains that have this antifreeze. Visitors are amazed to see delicate plants growing, some of them blooming.

The wild lettuce grows in the vegetable garden, taking over all available space. The snapdragons still have bright yellow flowers in stark contrast to the brown grass next to them. A quiet walk around the edges of the forest reveal other wild flowers growing to delight and to bring a smile to my face.

Some winter days can be so dreary, especially when it rains all day or is still wet from the rain the day before. We need the sunshine that tells the body it is time to get up and get going. It is easy to fall into a depressed state unless you are diligent about staying on course.

Life seems to have seasons that mirror our four seasons in nature. In the spring of life, we are growing and learning, sucking up all the information we will every need. Then comes the summer. We are racing around, juggling work, family and entertainment. We are busy having children and teaching them how to operate this thing we call life.

When we move into the autumn of life, our children are grown or growing up and leaving home. Soon, they begin the summer of their lives, having families of their own and juggling work and such. As grandparents, we are once again brought back to our own summer, living life over again through the children of our children.

When our winter of life comes, we have slowed quite a bit. We don’t care to get in a hurry about anything. There are many things we can no longer do, but our memories bring us joy. There are occasional moments when we have the opportunity to once again enjoy something we use to enjoy during the summer of our lives. These are the flowers of our winters. There are fewer flowers blooming, but when we find one, it brings smiles to our faces.

To every thing there is a season. The bible tells us this much. There is a time for everything. We may not yet be ready for the next season in life, but it comes anyway. Great sadness can overwhelm us when we find ourselves in the winter, knowing there will not be another spring for us. We are given only one full year of seasons. The best we can do is make the best of the seasons we have.

No matter what season your life is in, stop doing the things that make you miserable. Stop allowing someone to rob you of the days you have. Once each season has past, there is no going back, no do-overs. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Take the risks that can bring you joy and satisfaction. The only thing you have to lose is the very thing you seek.

You won’t find the flowers that are blooming by keeping your head down or from inside the closet you have sequestered yourself. You must take a walk at the edge of the forest. If you are really brave, take a few steps inside the forest. Who knows what might be waiting for you.


2 thoughts on “Winter in the mountains

  1. Great post. Wonderful words of inspiration “the thing you have to lose is the very thing you seek” “Who knows what might be waiting for you” . Thank you for sharing – it has encouraged my heart and I really appreciate you stopping by My Journal of Praise and liking posts.

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