New year’s resolutions

I don’t like to make resolutions. I find I soon forget them. I have decided to write down a set of goals for the year. I know that once I write a goal and the steps needed to accomplish the goal, I love checking off those steps I have completed.

I believe each person must find his or her own way in life to bring about change they desire . Some people need visual cues, others need to hear the words of inspiration spoken. Whatever you need to change or improve in your life, find your own way to accomplish it. Don’t allow those who talk about resolutions make you feel badly because you don’t make them. There is no law that says you must. Good thing, because I would probably break that law.

Besides, a resolution is simply something you resolve to do. Either there are things we know we need to change or stop doing, maybe some things we need to start doing, or we are oblivious to what we need. We will find a way to do what bugs us enough to get done. If it doesn’t bother us that much, we probably won’t stick with a plan of action anyway.

Life has its own way of working out little problems. The best thing we can resolve to do this next year is love more, argue less, give more, take less, smile more, frown less and most of all, forgive – ourselves and others. No one is perfect. Nor will we ever be. Accept that in others and life will be happier.

Have the best year possible. Happy 2013.Photo0447


6 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions

  1. Hi, Barbara! Your site comes through on my reader. Don’t know what my problem has been!

    Loved this post! My husband is a quiet man – he never announces a resolution, and rarely fails to fulfill one. He just does it. I want to be like that when I grow up! Your last paragraph is exactly what I want to do!


  2. I love the simplicity of your words to convey the message Barbara.. Great Post! I agree with you that a resolution is necessary. We are not experts or superhuman, however, if we take one resolution per year by the time we reach 60 we would have at least achieved some task worth living for… Thank You for the great post Barbara….

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