What is a phobia?

According to the free dictionary online, a phobia is “A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous. ” Many people have irrational fears, such as the fear of cockroaches. These bugs are filthy, disease-carrying insects, but they can be quickly squashed by a human foot.

Fears are not something that people should make fun of. Most everyone has at least one irrational fear. This is why I get angry when liberals slap the label of homophobe on anyone whose religion teaches that homosexuality is sin and something that should not be practiced. People whose beliefs teach them that homosexuality is wrong do not have a fear of homosexuals. They don’t fear the individual nor do they fear becoming one themselves.

Liberals believe they can influence society by teaching that people who are against homosexuality as a lifestyle are people with irrational fears. Therefore, they must be homophobes or irrational people.

Common sense tells the person who is able to reason that homosexuality is unnatural. Liberals can’t find a way around this fact so they label sane, rational people as irrational. Have you ever heard a liberal explain how homosexual activity is natural? I didn’t think so. Even they know that a case can’t be made that homosexual activity is natural. That is why they refer to it as an alternative lifestyle. Alternative to natural, that is.

The argument against homosexuality is easy to make. Whether a person believes in a supernatural being who created everything or they believe people evolved from microbes in the ocean over millions of years, they can’t make a good sound argument for homosexuality.

Because we do not fear becoming a homosexual, nor do we fear a group of homosexuals, we should loudly object to being called homophobes. If they qualify for special rights, surely we qualify for basic human rights. It is past time for conservatives and Christians to take a stand and push back when homosexuals push us around and attempt to manipulate us by calling us a name that is simply untrue.

There have been and even now are homosexuals in my family. I love them. I place no conditions upon that love. I enjoy being around them. They are funny, respectful and intelligent. They would also say that homosexuality is wrong. They don’t try to force others to believe that they have irrational fears of homosexuals. They just enjoy life and keep their private lives private.

If they feel the need to identify themselves by their sexual activity, I suppose heterosexuals should introduce themselves as such. “Hey, my name is Robin and I don’t attempt to have sex or fall in love with a member of my own sex.”


5 thoughts on “What is a phobia?

  1. Excellent Post Barbara.. I love the way you enlighten the post at the end. People need to understand that each and every one has a different perspective towards life and that each and everyone is different. Being liberal does mean one has the right to talk good about themselves and bad about what others do, in fact liberals means the one who is able to adapt.
    Thank you for the wonderful post Barbara and Happy New Year!!!

    • Thank you Sweta. We may never live in a perfect world, but I hope we can at least live our lives and allow others to live their lives. Thank you for the award. A very pleasant end-of-year-award!

  2. Hello.

    Common sense tells you that homosexuality is natural. Otherwise it would not occur in every society, and in many mammalian species.

    Some people are gay. You know some. Decent, ordinary people. Why does this bug you so much? Why are you so desperate to preach that they sin if they love? If you did not have an irrational fear, do you think you would care so much?

    • I am bugged by being called a homophobe. I don’t care what others do in their private lives. Their problem is that they can’t keep it private. I don’t have a parade for being heterosexual. I don’t call them heterophobes. I don’t call them names at all. But, sin is sin. Adultery is sin. Having sex without marriage is sin. I read the Holy Bible. The bible calls homosexuality a sin. I have a right to my beliefs. You have a right to your beliefs. That is why I approved your comment.

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