Another rainy night in Georgia

There is something that can’t be defined about the comfort of listening to the rain fall outside while I am warm and dry inside. Rain makes its own music, different from location to location, depending on the landscape. I love the music of rain on a metal roof and as it hits a tin pail outside my bedroom window. I enjoy the sound rain makes when it falls on freshly fallen leaves and as it travels through the dry winter leaves still clinging to the tree.

There is so much pain in the world, so many people with twisted minds and twisted thoughts. The entire world would break down and forget to begin again if not for the simple things that remind us there is still joy and magic to embrace in this life we live.

Cling to the simple joys until there comes a time when the pain eases a little and you can feel good about feeling good again. 

As the rain falls past these 80-ft. White pines and Tulip Poplars and the 40-ft. Sourwood trees, it sings a tune of sadness tonight. The night is so dark and the air is cold as the rain puddles on the ground. For now, the world outside is wet and dreary, but the sun will come out again and dry up the rain and warm the air. I can never tell if the contineous sunshine makes me long for the rainy night in Georgia or the rainy nights make me long for the sunshine.



8 thoughts on “Another rainy night in Georgia

    • Thank you for such a great honor. When I think of great blogs, I think of you. Your articles are helpful, helpful, interesting and show the great amount of work and time you have investing in each one. I learn something every time I visit your blog. Thanks again and know that I have awarded you this honor for a really great blog.

      • Thank You so much my dear Barbara. The day I have started putting my efforts and input on my blog you were always there for me, to encourage me and appreciate my work. It has become a daily booster dose for me to see your encouraging words! Your words have always helped my mind to feel stable and have provide me with lots of encouragement. I am really thankful to you now and always! Thank You so much dear…

      • You are so welcome Sweta. From the beginning, I realized you were someone who was serious about helping people. I admired (and still do) all the hard work you were putting into your artcles. So few of us actually do the research to write a well-expressed, factual article. I know you will be great as a therapist. I only wish you were living in my area!

      • Thank You my dear Barbara. And yes I am always there to help others. That’s the only reason I write articles based on evidences so that people don’t get into the notions that I pick out ideas from my own pocket. As it requires lots of efforts to sit and find articles on PubMed and Cinahl with evidences, I don’t get time to write frequently. I wish too to live in your area, we would have definitely enjoyed the company. However, leaving far still helps me to feel your encouragement and well-wishes for me. Thank you once again dear! I feel you like my elder sister and that is a great thing for me.
        Thank You sp much dear> with lots of love><

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