Connecticut killing grounds – devalued lives?

Twenty babies and six teachers were murdered on school grounds. A lone gunman walked into kindergarten and first-grade classrooms to gun down 26 innocent lives. This leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Parents, relatives, friends, neighbors and strangers alike want to know ‘WHY?’ Why would someone murder tiny children with a powerful gun?

There are two answers to this questions. One is long and involves many aspects of life, while the other is brief. The majority of Americans – Christian or not – are loathe to believe either.

Answer number one involves the ingredients for creating a murderer.

  1. Divorced parents
  2. Parents divorced multiple times
  3. Divorced parents dating instead of parenting
  4. Lonely child living with no explanation for absent father
  5. Child told that absent father still loves him
  6. Child told that absent mother still loves him
  7. Child of divorced parents allowed to see adult things; allowed to grow up too fast
  8. Lonely child spends too much time alone with parent’s complicity
  9. Parents talking vulgar and using God’s name in vain
  10. Child never taken to church or is taught cult religion

Mix three or four of these ingredients together and allow to brew until child begins to die from lack of love. Dying child’s brain becomes twisted from conflicted information and perverted ideas of what normal looks like. Add the factors of (a.) feeling unloved + (b.)perverted idea of what love is + (c.) isolation + (d.) no positive feedback = murderer. 

God created man to be a social creature. The family is man’s wolf pack. Being social, the lone man begins to dry up and whither inside. The mind of a child must be stimulated with good thoughts. 

Answer number two is simple in concept but not easily accepted by a sinful society. Every person is given the opportunity to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. How many times the opportunity is given may vary from individual to individual. Once God decides to offer the opportunity no more for an individual, God gives them over to a reprobate mind. The person is given over to his own vile, sinful nature and to worship the god he chose – Satan.

Because there is free will given by God – meaning God does not interfere – the reprobate mind proceeds to do evil things. The shooter of innocent babies and their caregivers is just a human pawn for Satan. The devil, the old deceiver, knows that broken families will produce a broken child if they are not diligent. 

Often, when parents lose a child early in their marriage, the marriage will end in divorce. Satan knows his time is fading away. He knows he must work double time to destroy the family. 

Even when people understand why someone murders, they still don’t want to face the issues and make changes that can change lives.


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