Pets as Christmas gifts: Do it the right way

It is never a good idea to have Santa leave a kitten or puppy under the Christmas tree. Pets may be the ultimate in natural gift-giving, but there is a better way to handle pet adoption.

Because the holidays can be chaotic, noisy, erratic and unorthodox, introducing a new pet isn’t fair to the pet. Small kittens and puppies are a lot like newborns, they need calmness, quiet and a schedule. The ideal time to introduce new kittens and puppies into a household is during the time a family member will be available to feed and comfort a new pet until it is old enough to be left alone.

Older cats and dogs would fare better in a new household at Christmas, but even for them, the coming and going which leaves them alone is no way for pets to bond with children. Where there is too much excitement, new pets become nervous and anxious, often never bonding with a child.

There is also the possibility that a child may have an allergy to pet dander. For the health of the child and the animal, it is best to wait until a more normal routine can be established. Usually, during the spring or summer is a better time to introduce an animal to a new household.

If it must be a Christmas gift, leave pet accessories wrapped beneath the tree. Leave a note in a gift box with an IOU for the pet, a photo of the pet and the date that the pet will arrive. Arrange for the animal to be adopted between December 26 and January 1. This will be after the chaos of Christmas and before children must return to school, allowing time for the child and pet to spend time together. You may even consider adopting from a local shelter and allowing your child to choose his own pet.

Make sure your child is old enough to be responsible for an animal. Discuss the needs of the animal and the expected responsibility of your child. Never buy a pet from a cat or puppy mill. These animals usually have a much stronger propensity for sickness and disease. The worst thing you could do for your child is have her fall in love with an animal, only to have her pet get sick and die.

Christmas should be a time of happiness and joy. Make sure it stays this way by introducing a healthy animal at the appropriate time.


4 thoughts on “Pets as Christmas gifts: Do it the right way

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  2. This is amgreat article Barbara.. You feature the main points before gifting a pet. After reading your post I realized the care and concerns that are linked with pets when we gift them to others. It is very much necessary to understand the home background before gifting a kitten or a puppy.. Excellent article:)))

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